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A Tale of Three Cellulose Fibers

April 12, 2019

A Tale of Three Cellulose Fibers

There have been some exciting developments in the world of cellulose fibers. Some new fibers are available, and each have unique properties.

Rose fiber is made from the stems of rose plants. It has great shine and has a subtle, almost wool like texture. This makes it perfect for blends where ease of spinning is important, since this texture makes it one of the easiest to spin cellulose fibers. Unlike the other cellulose fibers, it takes acid dyes very well.

Mint fiber comes from the stems of mint plants and has both antimicrobial & cooling properties…perfect for socks! Its extremely soft and shiny. It has a lovely golden color which adds warmth and depth when dyed. Its also naturally anti-microbial, so its perfect as a component of a sock blend.

Pearl fiber is unlike the other cellulose fibers, since its made differently. Pearl powder is combined with cellulose to make this subtly sparkly fiber. Like rose, it had a very subtle texture to it which makes it very easy to spin. Its cooling like mint and also has moisture absorbing properties. Out of the cellulose fibers, its the most wool-like in terms of how it spins. Its perfect for adding very subtle shine to a blend that’s very easy to spin.

We created a series of blends with Baby Camel, merino & Rambouillet plus one of these cellulose fibers, to showcase the differences in each blend. 

With rose- soft and shiny with a slight unique texture that makes it easier to spin

With pearl- shine more subtle but slight texture makes it easier to spin

With mint- softest and most shiny but requires more skill to spin

With silk- ultimate shine and softness but also requires great skill to spin

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