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April 12, 2019


A consistent theme we’ve noticed seems to be that many fiber artists are either confused by inconsistent information about the many intricacies of fiber. Whether its the properties of different fibers and how those affect a blend or how processing affects how fiber performance.

So many fiber artists we’ve talked to just buy what’s available because its there. In reality, all of these factors are so important…whether its if a yarn is produced by the worsted or woolen process or what fibers are in a blend. They all boil down to one thing…the durability and performance of the finished yarn. If you’re going to spend your valuable time on making something for yourself or others, you deserve the highest quality materials.

This is going to be a new space in our newsletters, where we share information about fiber. Differences in fiber processing paths, information on fiber properties, the industrialization of textile manufacturing or history of the fiber industry. All of this affects the yarns and fibers that are available to you today.

We’re going to start with a great article on the basis differences between the woolen and worsted process from the Woolmark company, a research subsidiary of Australian Wool Innovation (AWI). What makes a worsted yarn different from a woolen yarn?

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