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Baby Camel/Merino/Rambouillet Yarn

What’s special about this yarn?

Its amazing how a little Rambouillet can completely transform a blend. This yarn is as soft as you would expect a blend of baby camel, 18.5um merino and 18.2um rambouillet to be. Its spring and bounce is exceptional, in large part due to rambouillet and its 3D crimp structure. It also showcases how important it is to gently process fibers, so their natural characteristics are preserved. This yarn has a life of its own and is a pleasure to run your fingers through.

How does it feel?

If butter could be made into a fiber, it would feel like this yarn with its yummy softness caressing your skin.


Collected from camels in Mongolia

18.5um merino from South Africa

Non-mulesed Merino

18.2um Rambouillet from America

215 yards 100g

2 ply DK weight

US Needle size 5-7, 3.75-4.5mm

US Hook size 7 to I-9, 4.5-5.5mm

Hand wash only

Spun in America