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White Gotland/Rose Yarn

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What’s special about this yarn?

Fiber characteristics influence how the finished yarn behaves. Sometimes a blend is made with fibers that compliment each other with one having characteristics the other lacks. Other times a blend seeks to maximize its components to increase the natural characteristics of its components. Both gotland and rose have a lot of drape and shine, and together they produce something new. An extremely drapey yarn that glows with an inner light while also having a fuzzy halo reminiscent of mohair.

The yarn will take dye well, and should perform well with acid dyes. Rose is unique among cellulose fibers as one of the very few that take acid dye relatively well.

What can it do?

Perfect for knitting, weaving or crochet, especially scarves and shawls.

How does it feel?

Elegant, classy and grounding. 


180 yards 100g

2ply DK weight

US Needle size 5-7, 3.75-4.5mm

US Hook size 7 to I-9, 4.5-5.5mm

Hand wash only