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Bespoke Services

Welcome to our atelier, where together we can work together to craft a bespoke blend and/or yarn to fulfill your dreams.

The process starts with a conversation, where we learn about what you need and offer suggestions of fibers. Every fiber has its own unique characteristics, strengths and weaknesses and our goal is to deliver to you the perfect blend to fit your vision. 

These are just some examples of some questions that might come up during the conversation?

  • Would you like a blend with antimicrobial fibers, such as for socks?
  • Would you like the most luxurious worsted yarn for heirloom fashions?
  • Do you dream of mixing different pre-dyed fibers together to create something new and unique?
  • Are you an indie dyer looking for unique, high quality tops and/or yarns to be the perfect canvas for your talent?

The only limits? Your imagination and the availability of tops from our suppliers. We've taken great care to find the highest quality suppliers, however sometimes fibers become unavailable for a variety of reasons. There are alternative fibers, and our goal is to create the perfect blend where the fiber characteristics enhance each other.

There are some technical details which affect price, and this is part of why every project is unique. 

Some projects may call for one type of fiber, either our in house Rambouillet or another commercially produced top from a AAA top maker. In this case, we would either make the top from our Rambouillet or re-process a commercial top to restore the fiber's natural qualities.

While bespoke top making is something we are able to do, there are a lot of variables and we have extremely high standards. We want you to get the most value for your money, after all. 

Most commonly, we make blends of 2 to 5 fibers where each fiber is carefully selected for its performance and ability to work synergistically with the other components of the blend. The percentage of each fiber also affects pricing and the finished blend. For example, a blend with 20% yak would be priced differently than one with 5% yak. However, carefully selected component fibers can make a blend that is very luxurious and also affordable. 

Another factor which can affect pricing of a blend is loss factor. Unfortunately, there's a little fiber that doesn't make it through the process with every blend. We take great care to minimize that loss, but it is one of the realities of blending fibers. Plus random acts of machine just happen sometimes. If the fiber wraps around rollers it's a bit of a process to get it out, and the fiber gets too dirty to complete the process. After all, our goal is to deliver the highest quality blend to you and part of that is clean, pristine fiber.

The machines we run are big, commercial machines and they need a certain amount of fiber going into them in order to work. This affects the minimum run sizes we offer, keeping in mind that a smaller run size is more work. The larger the run size is, the easier it is for us to match or beat wholesale pricing.

In the textile industry, most of the calculations are done in the metric system. 1 ounce = 28g, 3.577 ounces = 100g, 2.205lbs = 1,000g.

We believe every fiber artists deserves to experience the luxury of bespoke blending, and we offer 5 different bespoke blending options with this in mind. Fiber arts take great skill and effort, and you deserve materials to match your skill and expertise.

  • Build-A-Blend

Using 56-448g (almost 1lb) of our pre-made top blends to create a brand new blend. Why? Because 448g is the smallest run size that could be spun into a yarn. Imagine having your own yarn made from top blends you chose and made into a yarn to your specifications. Should yield at least 3 100g skeins.

  • Sample Lot

Using 1,000-2,000g of top to create a new blend. Should yield 9-19 100g skeins.

  • Bulk A Lots

Using 5,000-10,000g of top to create a new blend. Should yield 48-96 100g skeins.

  • Bulk B Lots

Using the same amounts of top as in Bulk A Lots but recognizing that sometimes some fibers need more division and preparation than others. One of the factors that affects how a blend is made is the weight or grams/meter of the component top. If the component top is very light or has a low g/m, then it takes more time to divide and prepare.

  • Bulk C Lots

Using full commercial bumps of top that weigh approximately 10,000g each. Working with full bumps is more efficient since it requires less time spent dividing the bumps into individual feels.

While run size is one factor that affects cost, there are others that are equally important. Yield and loss is one, which we do our best to minimize as much as possible. One of the most significant is the number of passes needed to blend the fibers. Fibers can be blended as much as you choose, but getting them evenly blended normally requires more passes through the machine. Some fibers need more passes than others to blend evenly. 

 Please feel free to give us a call or send us an email if this sounds interesting. We'd love to have a conversation about what we can make for you!