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Ethics & Sustainability

We believe true luxury only comes when you can feel good about the highest quality fibers. Making sure that the fibers we use come from sustainable sources and ethically, humanely treated animals is as important to us as the quality of the fibers themselves. This is why we've taken great care to find not only the highest quality fibers, but the highest quality fibers that have been produced in ethical, sustainable ways.

Mulesing is a serious concern, especially with merino wool. All of the wool we use, including merino, comes from flocks that have not been mulesed.

The superwash process presents concerns in terms of both environmental sustainability and the effect the process has on the wool. The purpose of superwashing is to improve how wool handles use and washing, so its easier to handle but retains wool's unique properties. The superwash we use comes from mills that handle the process carefully and responsibly. All wastes are recycled and chemicals used are neutralized. The steam and energy is recycled in the mill. Pretty cool, right?

Both the yak and camel fiber we use come from their native Mongolia, where the animals are carefully shorn. Both yak and camel are delicate to process, since they lack the crimp of wool and are very fine. Their fiber is carefully made into the top we use in our blends.

Another animal fiber where the ethical treatment of the animal is a serious concern is angora fiber. This is why we don't use any angora from China. All our angora comes from Europe, where ethical standards for animals are very high.

Synthetic fibers like nylon are of particular concern from an environmental standpoint, since chemicals are used to make them by definition. This is why all our nylons come from Europe, since manufacturing standards are very high there.

Sometimes, fiber origin is limited by what region of the world that fiber is grown in or made in. All the silk and cellulose fibers we use come from China, and we take care to work with suppliers that manufacture their top responsibly.

Please let us know if you have any questions and would like to know more. Our goal is to provide you with the Finest. Quality. TOP. and that is only possible if the fibers we use were produced in a sustainable, ethical fashion.