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Suggested Spinning Levels

We test every top and blend we make, to make sure they’re all of the highest quality. Properly made top and top blends should essentially spin themselves, however each fiber has unique characteristics which require different levels of experience. One of our goals is to help spinners gain skills and confidence, which is why we suggest a level of experience for each of our tops and top blends.

Beginner- These are ideal for people who are new to spinning. These tops and top blends are evenly balanced, so that you can focus on learning how to spin. They’re all extremely easy to draft and essentially spin themselves.

Advanced Beginner- These top blends all essentially spin themselves, but they start to add in some new types of fibers. They also provide an opportunity to learn more about fiber and how simply changing the percentage of a blends components can alter how it behaves.

Intermediate- These blends require differing levels of finesse and are an opportunity to perfect and fine tune your spinning skills and build your fiber knowledge.

Advanced- These tops each have unique properties that make them a challenge to spin. They’re also a nice contrast to blends that contain these components, since adding other fibers to them changes how they behave and makes them easier to spin.