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About Lightspeed Blends

As our mill evolved,  we began to think about other possibilities our machines could offer. What else could we do that would be unique? This time, we went with the obvious answer: blending. Our first step down this road was to get different fiber samples and then figure out which fibers we thought played well together. Blending is all about creating a synergistic whole where the components complement each other perfectly.

I had 20 samples of different fibers in front of me, everything from bamboo bast to Shetland wool. One sample in particular stood out to me...a little bag of black Merino. As I played with other fibers, my eyes kept being drawn back to that Merino. Inspiration struck when I was playing with a little sparkly nylon & Targhee wool. What goes perfectly with black, like stars twinkling against the inky black of space? Sparkles!

My dad introduced me to science fiction when I was a kid, and some of my fondest memories are of us watching and discussing different sci-fi book and TV series together. This also helped foster my love of science and one of my childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut. So this seemed the natural place to go when looking for a name for what I created. I had this gorgeous blend in front of me, but I had no idea what to call it. Nothing really jumped out at me. Hyperspace? Nah. It needed an amazing name, but it kept eluding me. And then it hit me. Lightspeed! Or c, as its known in physics.

I expanded on this idea with some other colored fibers, and realized I needed more names for all the soft, sparkly goodness I was making! In time, Lightspeed became the name for this idea of blending merino with sparkly nylon and adding a little rambouillet to lend a little more spring. As of Winter 2018, we have 6 different Lightspeed blends.