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18.5µm Merino/18.2µm Rambouillet

Why blend these fibers?

Each sheep breed has its own unique fiber characteristics, and sometimes its surprising how different wool can be even when its from closely related sheep breeds. Merino is known for its softness and uniformity, with a very fine crimp structure. Rambouillet was created from Spanish merino sheep that were imported by Louis XVI. The upheavals of human history have affected the merino, yet the rambouillet has been largely unaffected. Rambouillet’s 3 dimensional crimp is truly unique, and just a little Rambouillet can make a huge difference in how a blend performs.

Merino has a bit of a well earned reputation as being potentially challenging for beginning spinners. Rambouillet’s 3D crimp and cohesion make it a lot easier to spin, and many beginners successfully learn to spin with it. Adding a little Rambouillet to merino transforms how the merino itself performs. It behaves more like Rambouillet in terms of being easier to spin, but it feels more like merino in the finished yarn. It’s a perfect transitional blend for a beginning spinner to try after they’ve gained confidence with the basics. 

What can it do?

Perfect for spinning, needle or wet felting, or dyeing.

Ideal for next to skin garments.

How does it feel?

It has the silky softness of merino with the elasticity of rambouillet.

Suggested Spinning Level

Advanced Beginner

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18.5um merino from South Africa, New Zealand or Australia

Non-mulesed Merino

18.2um Rambouillet from America