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18.5µm Superwash Merino/Mint/Faux Cashmere

Why blend these fibers?

Its important to keep the end use in mind when designing a blend, and how different fibers can improve the performance of the resulting yarn. Superwash/nylon blends are commonly used for socks…but wouldn’t it be nice to have socks made from yarn that’s cooling and has natural antibacterial properties? That’s where mint comes in since its both naturally cooling and antibacterial. It also adds some softness and a lovely carmel glow. Its beautiful as it is or dyed. Mint takes on a pastel hue when dyed with acid dyes which enhances its natural golden color.

It spins itself though the mint adds slickness which requires some skill to handle, especially with mint’s long staple length.

What can it do?

Perfect for spinning, dyeing or needle felting.

How does it feel?

Soft and bouncy with a lovely carmel glow. 

Suggested Spinning Level


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18.5um merino from South Africa

Sustainably superwashed in Europe. All wastes are recycled, chemicals are neutralized and steam energy is recycled in the facility.

Non-mulesed Merino

Nylon from Europe

Mint from China