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Baby Camel/Merino/Rambouillet

Why blend these fibers?

Baby camel and merino are amazingly soft together, however both fibers are fairly similar in behavior. Rambouillet’s 3D crimp adds a lot of cohesion and elasticity, to make spinning easier and create a blend with better memory.

One of the things that helps create a balanced blend with high durability is to use fibers with similar fiber diameters (measured in micron or µm). This is why all of the fibers in this blend are in the 17-18 micron range.

What can it do?

Perfect for spinning, needle or wet felting, or dyeing.

Ideal for next to skin garments.

How does it feel?

A soft blend with a balanced feel that’s perfect for a relaxed spinning experience.

Suggested Spinning Level

Advanced Beginner

Click here to see it hand spun


Collected from camels in Mongolia

18.5um merino from South Africa

Non-mulesed Merino

18.2um Rambouillet from America