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Baby Camel/Merino/Rambouillet/Mint

Why blend these fibers?

Every fiber has a unique structure that influences how it behaves. Merino’s crimp structure is very tight but lacks the 3D loft and cohesion that Rambouillet Wool offers. This helps add elasticity without sacrificing softness. Mint is a cellulose fiber from mint plants and it adds a lovely golden shine to this blend while adding more softness. 

While acid dyes are not meant for use with cellulose fibers, they will take dye. Mint gains a lovely pastel hue of the dye added while retaining its natural golden color. 

What can it do?

Perfect for spinning, needle felting, or dyeing.

Ideal for next to skin garments.

How does it feel?

Mint fiber lends its cool, crisp softness to this already very soft blend. Mint feels a little like bamboo in a blend and will get softer with use.

Suggested Spinning Level


Out of the baby camel/merino/rambouillet blends with a hard fiber, its easier to spin than silk but a little more challenging than rose.

Click here to see it hand spun


Shorn from camels in Mongolia

18.5um merino from South Africa

Non-mulesed Merino

18.2um Rambouillet from America

Mint from China