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 What’s special about this fiber?

Bamboo is a cellulose fiber that’s created from the hydrolysis of bamboo stems. This creates a cool, silky and soft fiber. It has natural absorbent and antibacterial properties.

Bamboo is one of the hard fibers, since it has no crimp or natural elasticity. Its beautifully flowy and drapey.

It spins beautifully on its own but is a challenge since its both slick and has a long staple length. Spinning hard fibers like bamboo is a great way to perfect your mastery of maintaining the draft zone, after you’re confident spinning other fibers.

What can it do?

Perfect for spinning, needle felting, or dyeing.

How does it feel?

Its soft and silky yet its easy to see why bamboo is considered a hard fiber. Its not fluffy or bouncy like wool. Crimp helps wool be soft. Bamboo’s naturally smooth, slick fiber structure is what yields its softness.

Suggested Spinning Level



Produced by hydrolysis in China


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