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Black Diamond Bamboo/Faux Cashmere

Why blend these fibers?

Its quite amazing how much a subtle change in fiber affects a blend. Faux cashmere is a type of nylon, but its behaves very differently when blended with black diamond bamboo. Its slicker and smoother than nylon, and it helps make this blend even softer while adding the elasticity nylon is known for. Bamboo has no elasticity on its own but the carbonization process adds texture to it which makes it easier to spin. Faux cashmere preserves this characteristic, making this blend an ideal introduction to spinning cellulose fibers.

The subtle differences between nylon and faux cashmere  become very clear with this blend. Faux cashmere enhances black diamond bamboo’s softness while preserving the slight texture that makes it quite easy to spin. It adds the elasticity bamboo lacks while lightening the color a little and adding a subtle sheen.

Faux Cashmere Nylon has all of the strength of nylon plus the lofty softness of cashmere.

What can it do?

Perfect for spinning or needle felting. The bamboo overdyes beautifully and it could be a lot of fun to play with, given how nylon and bamboo both take acid dye differently.

How does it feel?

Silky and springy, almost like it wants to come to life in your hands.

Suggested Spinning Level

Advanced Beginner

Click here to see it hand spun


Carbonised bamboo from China

Nylon from Europe