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Black Diamond Bamboo/Nylon

Why blend these fibers?

Designing blends is all about balance. What one component lacks another component should contribute, and the sum of the whole should be greater than its parts. Bamboo has no crimp and thus has no elasticity on its own. Its amazingly soft and has beautiful drape.

Adding nylon to black diamond bamboo adds some elasticity, which should help the resulting yarn perform better. It won’t be able to match rambouillet or merino, but it will have some elasticity. The nylon doesn’t affect the lovely dark charcoal color of the black diamond bamboo. On its own, nylon has a lot of cohesion and really likes to stick together. This comes through in the blend, which requires skill to spin. 

It also showcases the very subtle differences between nylon and faux cashmere. Nylon matches the softness of black diamond bamboo, adds elasticity and doesn’t change the color.

What can it do?

Perfect for spinning or needle felting. The bamboo overdyes beautifully and it could be a lot of fun to play with, given how nylon and bamboo both take acid dye differently.

How does it feel?

It has a slightly textured slick smoothness that’s both soothing and intriguing at the same time. 

Suggested Spinning Level 


Click here to see it hand spun


Carbonised bamboo from China

Nylon from Europe