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Chiri Cloud 80's 3/18 Yarn

What’s special about this yarn?

This yarn’s story is the mill’s story. Without needing to be able to make this yarn, our mill wouldn’t exist. This is the product of our alpaca breeding program. A lot of work goes into producing the perfect fiber, from careful selection of breeding stock to nearly obsessive  attention to diet and nutrition. There’s a lot of hope, joy, sweat and even tears in this yarn that we put our heart and soul into making, and we hope you love its unmatched luxury. 

Our dream was simple: to recreate the Incan alpaca with its vicuña fine fiber and merino like uniformity. The results are beyond anything we could’ve hope for. When finished, this yarn feels almost exactly like vicuña…the finest and most sought after fiber in the world.

What’s even more unique is that this yarn was produced completely in New England. The fiber was shorn and skirted in Maine, taking great care to ensure that only the best fiber went into it. It was washed in Vermont and then spun into yarn in Maine.

Every run is unique and limited. When this yarn sells out, its gone until we can make more. This run is 80’s grade with an average fiber diameter of 17-19 microns and standard deviation of fiber diameter of no more than 4 microns.

We hope you love this unique treasure as much as we love bringing it to you.

What can it do?

Perfect for spinning, needle or wet felting.

Ideal for next to skin garments.

How does it feel?

An amazing combination mind-blowingly silky, plush fiber for the ultimate in luxury.


100% huacaya alpaca grown, processed and spun in America

1oz/28g cone

155yd/142 meters

US 000-2 or 1.5-2.75mm needle

Suggested EPI 18

Lace weight, 29 WPI