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Cotton/Rose/Faux Cashmere

Why blend these fibers?

One of our goals is to provide the highest quality fibers to fiber artists so they can make their dreams reality, and vegan fibers are growing in demand. As with all things we do, we love taking things to their extreme. Why just create a vegan blend when we could make a vegan blend that’s only rivaled in softness by 14.5um merino?

And so this blend was born. Long staple Egyptian cotton brings its fuzzy softness while rose adds a subtle sheen and silkiness. Faux cashmere lends its smoothness and elasticity and helps everything blend together. We are very particular about the sources of our fibers and have taken great care to find not only the highest quality fibers we could but ones that are produced in a sustainable, ethical manner.

While the cotton we use has a long staple length for cotton, its still shorter than rose with faux cashmere somewhere in between. This requires careful attention to the draft zone.

What can it do?

Great for spinning, dyeing or needle felting.

How does it feel?

It perfectly emulates the feeling of 14.5um merino…lighter than air and softer than silk. It might even be softer than 14.5um merino.

Suggested spinning level



Egyptian cotton

Rose from China

Nylon from Europe

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