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Dyed 19.5µm Merino

What’s special about this fiber?

What could be more basic than dyed merino? Its soft and uniform and is everything you’d expect merino to be. One thing that can happen in top making is that too much tension can be put on the fiber which then makes it harder to draft when spinning. The solution? Careful reprocessing. Not only does this help bring the wool back to life, restoring some of merino’s natural qualities, it also makes it a lot easier to spin from. It's easy to spin and is a good next step after learning to spin with another fiber.

Please email us if you would like to order some. It is in stock but its still awaiting packaging.

What can it do?

Perfect for spinning, needle or wet felting.

Ideal for next to skin garments.

How does it feel?

Smooth, soft and bouncy.

Suggested Spinning Level

Advanced beginner


19.5um merino from South Africa, Australia or New Zealand

Non-mulsed merino