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Gotland/18.2µm Rambouillet

Why blend these fibers?

Gotland has amazing shine and is surprisingly soft. However, it can be very dense and a little difficult to draft. A little Rambouillet goes a long way to ease this issue while adding more softness. Spinning Gotland/Rambouillet is a meditative process. First divide the top. Trust me, it makes it so much easier to handle. Then turn down the tension to the bare minimum, treadle very slowly on the fastest whorl on your wheel, and be very vigilant about keeping twist out of the draft zone which is quite large since the staple length can be up to 6 inches long! The resulting yarn is so worth the effort. Fuzzy and elastic with a lovely shine and surprising softness. Its hard to believe it’s a 30 micron wool! 

What can it do?

Perfect for spinning, needle or wet felting, or dyeing.

Ideal for next to skin garments.

How does it feel?

Its surprisingly soft with a soft halo and slight bounce. The feel of the Gotland predominates while the Rambouillet mainly helps make it easier to spin.

Suggested Spinning Level


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Gotland from Scandanavia

Rambouillet from America