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18.2µm Rambouillet DK 2ply Yarn

What’s special about this yarn?

Yarn is only as good as its components and manufacturing. The wrong components can affect how yarn wears. Manufacturing can affect everything from performance to comfort. The Rambouillet in this yarn was all carefully graded, tested and processed with extreme care to ensure that not only the best fiber made it into the yarn, but that Rambouillet’s natural elasticity was preserved so the yarn itself has life to it.

What can it do?

Perfect for weaving, knitting or crochet. Anywhere you need an elastic yarn with next to the skin softness.

How does it feel?

Velvety soft, plush and cushy.


100% Rambouillet



US 5-7, 3.75-4.5mm needle

2 ply DK weight, 12 WPI

Gauge 22 sts= 4 inches in stockinette stitch