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Spinning Kits

I've designed 5 different spinning kits, for spinners with different levels of experience. Each kit include background information about fiber, fiber properties and the different sheep breeds who's wool is featured in each kit, plus 1oz of 3 different tops/top blends.

These kits are designed with beginner spinners in mind. My own journey as a spinner was a big rough, since the top that was available was very difficult to work with. That top was sticky and extremely hard to draft and made learning so much harder and no fun at all. Learning something new is hard enough without the fiber fighting you the whole way. Beginners deserve better: fiber that’s suitably easy to spin, at a price point that makes learning to spin affordable and yields a final yarn they can be proud of. When you fight so hard to learn something new, you deserve to have something at the end you love and are proud of.

Something else that hampered me was the lack of consistent information about different kinds of fibers and their properties. It was hard for me to know what was good information, since back then I knew nothing. I gained a lot of experience since then, from the perspective of a hand spinner, as a breeder of fiber animals and now operating a commercial top making mill. These experiences combined with my background as a scientist helped me discern what information is accurate and reliable. It's my hope that the information I'm sharing here makes your journey as a spinner fun, educational and empowering.

More kits are in development, including kits with our cellulose blends.

Visit our YouTube Channel to see all these blends and more being hand spun.



For the new spinner who would like to build a solid foundation of skills while learning about the different properties each wool has.

Oatmeal BFL/Rambouillet, Polwarth/Rambouillet & 18.5um Merino/18.2um Rambouillet

Beginner Plus

For the new spinner who would like to build a solid foundation of skills and have some fun while learning something new.F

Oatmeal BFL/Rambouillet, Polwarth/Rambouillet, cNemesis 1.0

Beginner Luxury

For the new spinner who would like to build a solid foundation of skills, learn about what makes each wool special and spin soft & springy Rambouillet.

Oatmeal BFL/Rambouillet, Polwarth/Rambouillet, Rambouillet

Spreading your wings

For the confidant new spinner who would like to explore new fibers after mastering the basics.

Mixed BFL/Rambouillet, Baby Camel/Merino/Rambouillet, 18.5um Superwash Merino/Nylon



For the confident spinner looking to experience different fibers. Each fiber requires a slightly different technique and provides the perfect opportunity to learn new skills.

Gotland/Rambouillet, 14.5um Merino/Light Brown Yak, Rambouillet/Angora


Drop Spindle

Consider one of these American made drop spindles. They're made from maple & beech. The conical maple whorl helps the spindle spin longer and maintain stability. It also has a notch in it to help keep yarn in place. Its 10" long from end to end, has a 2.5" whorl and weighs 1.8oz.