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White Gotland/Rose

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Why blend these fibers?

As wools go, gotland is fascinating. It is so much softer than you’d expect a 30-35 micron wool to be, and that’s all because of the fiber’s structure. It has a wavy crimp and smooth, flat scales which make it very shiny. Its that scale structure that helps make gotland so soft. Rose’s subtle texture compliments gotland perfectly to create a top that glows with an inner light.

The length of both the gotland and the rose create a blend that takes skill to spin and requires mastery of the draft zone.

What can it do?

Perfect for spinning, dyeing and needle felting.

Ideal where you want a lot of shine and drape.

How does it feel?

Silky, fuzzy and serene.

Suggested Spinning Level


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Gotland from Europe

Rose from China