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Yak/Mulberry Silk

 Why blend these fibers?

The ultimate in challenge yields the ultimate in luxury. Yak fiber is one of the softest in the world. Its shorn from yaks in Mongolia and carefully processed to ensure only the best fiber makes it into the finished top. Yak has a slight crimp to it which helps it spin well, though it has a short staple length which can make spinning a challenge. Silk is very long, smooth and soft is the gold standard in luxury fibers. Their softness and the silk’s shine combine to create an ethereal yarn. The challenge comes in the difference in staple lengths. The solution? A machine that specially engineered to handle this issue.

This innovation allows the creation of an exceptional top, with the best of both fibers for the ultimate in spinning experience. When evenly blended, the resulting yarn is mind blowing. However the same factor that makes processing a challenge affects spinning too and requires very careful attention to both drafting and the draft zone. The resulting yarn is well worth it.

What can it do?

Perfect for spinning, needle or wet felting, or dyeing

Ideal for next to skin garments. 

How does it feel?

An ethereal waterfall of silky goodness.

Suggested Spinning Level


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Yak from Mongolia

Silk from China